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Teaposy Medley Teaposies
Price: $12.99

Hand-crafted with:
  • Six different teaposies
  • Single origin Silver Needle White Tea
  • Naturally infused with real jasmine

Teaposy Medley Teaposies
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Colors: Medley (6 asst. Teaposies)

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Enjoy a collection of beautiful teaposies with the Teaposy Medley pack. Each medley includes a variety of six teaposies from an assortment of: Heart of Love, Falling Water, Butterfly, Calendula, Lady Fairy, Red Song, Let It Snow, Noble Essence, and Crown Me. Every teaposy is unique, containing a careful selection of flowers ranging from rose, lily, amaranth, calendula, chrysanthemum, camellia and carnation. Place a teaposy in boiling water to reveal the intricate, mesmerizing bloom along with the unmatched taste of premium Silver Needle White Tea. Each individual teaposy can brew up to 50oz of tea and can be displayed in cold water for up to a week.

Why Teaposy?

  • Silver Needle White Tea
  • Only the finest tea from the Fujian province of China is used to create Teaposy blossoms. Silver Needle White Tea comes from the young buds of the tea plant and is the least processed of any tea, giving it a delicate flavor and making it rich in antioxidants. The tea is only harvested during peak seasons, with 80% harvested in the spring and 20% in the autumn. No matter when it is picked, all of the tea is processed and packaged within the same year, ensuring it can be enjoyed at the height of freshness.

  • Caffeine Content
    Our Teaposy blooming teas are not decaffeinated. However white tea contains the lowest level of caffeine among all caffeinated tea or coffee drinks. A cup of white tea contains an average of 8-15 milligrams of caffeine while a cup of coffee contains 60-120 milligrams.

  • Individually Crafted
  • Every Teaposy is completely hand-crafted in the Fujian Province, from the tea fields to the final blooming work of art. First, the Silver Needle White Tea is harvested, dried, and withered for two hours at 212° to remove impurities. Then, it is sorted leaf by leaf and placed in bundles of equal length and weight. These tea bundles are then sewn together with jasmine, calendula, rose, lily, amaranth, camellia, chrysanthemum, or carnation flowers to form one of Teaposy’s 9 patented blooming tea designs.

  • Naturally Infused with Jasmine
  • Teaposy never uses artificial jasmine oils to flavor the tea, rather, each teaposy is naturally and repeatedly infused with the scent and flavor of freshly picked jasmine flowers. The delicate white jasmine flowers are hand-picked at their the peak blooming time of 1pm. Then, they are mixed with teaposies for hours so they can naturally absorb the jasmine scent. This adds a subtle floral taste to the Silver Needle White Tea and creates an intoxicating bouquet.

  • Packaging
  • Not only are teaposies beautiful when brewed, they also come beautifully packaged. Teaposies are individually vacuum-sealed for freshness right after they are completed, giving them a long shelf life. They are also adorned with the Teaposy logo and an image of the blossom. Please note: The satchet color may vary.

  • Safety Standards
  • Each and every Teaposy product must meet world-class safety standards before leaving China. The tea is checked at the Tea Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Entry-Exit Inspection personnel perform a Quality Safety Analysis. While the FDA does not have standards for imported tea, these inspections ensure that Teaposy meets the strict standards of Europe and Japan.